SARCAN DROP & GO has the solution!

Clear out your recyclables and donate the deposit refund to support Lupus SK!

  • Take your recyclables to a SARCAN Drop & Go location
  • Rarely a line up
  • Just follow the instructions below
  • Friendly & efficient staff are ready to help
  • It’s quick and easy

SARCAN Recycling sends the deposit refunds to Lupus SK via email with no administration charges to the charity.

The COVID-19 measures mandated by provincial health authorities are required and are in place at SARCAN locations. Safety measures and procedures have been implemented to make sure that everyone is able to recycle safely.

  • Remember to wear a mask in the Drop & Go area
  • Only one person at a time is allowed

This initiative enables SARCAN Recycling to match its vision and mandate in service to the charities and non-profit organizations in Saskatchewan.

This refund which you donate will help Lupus SK realize its goals.

To see how your donation makes a difference, read the current newsletter and check us out on Facebook.

Note: Saskatoon Sutherland and Saskatoon Faithfull Ave. locations have a separate entrance which makes the drop-off go quickly.