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Pediatric Lupus Research in Saskatchewan

The Pediatric Rheumatic Disease Research and Innovation Laboratory at the University of Saskatchewan, established 40 years ago, is continuing to conduct research to advance knowledge about lupus in children.  The Saskatchewan Lupus Society has been an essential and generous supporter of this research over the years. In Saskatchewan, lupus is a particular health care concern in the pediatric population. The causes of lupus are unknown, our understanding of the immune mechanisms involved in lupus is still limited, and while our treatments are improved, they are not always as effective as we desire. We have no insights into cure and prevention.  However, through research, there have been dramatic advances in our understanding and care of patients with lupus

The Pediatric Rheumatic Disease Research and Innovation Laboratory at the University of Saskatchewan investigates how DNA, a target for the abnormal immune response in patients with lupus, interacts with collagen, a protein found in all the organs affected in lupus.  The Laboratory aims to show how the DNA and collagen molecules bind to each other and how this DNA-collagen interaction might cause an abnormal immune reaction that leads to organ inflammation and damage. Understanding the DNA-collagen complex could lead to new types of treatment to block the interaction and prevent organ and tissue damage. The Laboratory also investigates how a protein, called HMGB1, might influence the development of widespread inflammation in children with lupus. The Laboratory also explores how inflammation and immune reactions during pregnancy might influence the occurrence of lupus later in the child’s life from that pregnancy .

-Dr. Alan Rosenberg-

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